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Helping engineers migrate to Australia - CDR support

All Engineering professions are needed in Australia, but some more than others. For this reason, Viacorp Hello Australia has made it a specialisation of our migration business to apply for Engineers to move to Australia. This is how we do it:

Processing Engineering Skills (April, 2014)

All Skilled Migration Visa applicants require Skills Assessment before applying for their visa to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Engineers are assessed by Engineers Australia (EA). (They used to be called the Institute of Engineering, Australia).

The following is the list of classified occupations under Engineering Managers, Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Engineering Associates. If your skill is not on this list, we may not be able to apply for your visa in the Engineering category.

Engineering Managers

  • Engineering Manager, ANZSCO Code: 133211
Professional Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233212
  • Structural Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233214
  • Transport Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233215
  • Aeronautical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233911
  • Agricultural Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233912
  • Biomedical Engineer, ANZSCO Code:  233913
  • Chemical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233111
  • Civil Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233211
  • Electrical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233311
  • Electronics Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233411 
  • Industrial Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233511
  • Materials Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 122112
  • Mechanical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233512
  • Mining Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233611 (not Petroleum)
  • Environmental Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233915
  • Naval Architect, ANZSCO Code: 233916
  • Petroleum Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233612
  • Production or Plant Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233513
Engineering Technologists and draftspersons
  • Engineering Technologist (nec),  ANZSCO Code: 233914
  • Civil Engineering Technologist,  ANZSCO Code: 233914
  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technologist:,  ANZSCO Code: 233914
  • Electronic Engineering Associate, ANZSCO Code: 263312
  • Telecommunications Engineers, ANZSCO Code: 263311
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 263312
  • Engineering Professionals (nec), ANZSCO Code: 233999
Engineering Associates
  • Plumbing Engineering Associate, ANZSCO Code: 312211
  • Civil Engineering Associate, ANZSCO Code: 312211
  • Electrical Engineering Associate, ANZSCO Code: 312311
  • Electrical Engineering Draughtsman, ANZSCO Code: 312311
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologist, ANZSCO Code: 312511
  • Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist, ANZSCO Code: 313214
(nec) means 'not elsewhere classified'.


To check occupations on the ANZSCO Code, look up: Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Code. If you type in the ANZSCO number, it gives the occupation description.

English Language

Applicants from countries where English is not the mother tongue must hold an IELTS test certificate at Competency Level, with 6.0 or above on each component and an overall score of 6.0 or above. This is the standard required in Australia for University entry for undergraduate study. Competent English means the applicant for the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment will be able to explain their training and abilities. And of course find a job more easily on arrival in Australia.

We ask that you come to us with the required English Language IELTS results. This saves a lot of time!

How we can help with your CDR

Viacorp Hello Australia can apply for any Skills Assessment to Engineers Australia. But we also offer a specialised service for Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) applications.

Engineers Australia have a lengthy application process, particularly difficult for those needing a CDR. The CDR is required from engineers who did not attend an Australian University or an "Accord University" overseas. (An Accord University is one where the education has been assessed as equal to Engineering degrees in Australia. Or course, many Universities overseas have excellent training, but may not have been assessed.)

The CDR can be difficult because applicants must write three intricately-specified "Career Episodes." To advise on your CDR, Jim Heath, our technical consultant, is available to help. He began his career in design engineering and applied mathematics. After coming to Perth, his first job was Editor for the 4000-page Operational Manuals for one of Woodside's offshore gas platforms. In the decades since then, he has mainly worked in technical and corporate writing. He has also written three popular non-fiction books and many widely-read articles.

When the CDR is complete, Mary Heath will take over as the Migration Agent. Your supporting documents of evidence will be checked by Mary to make sure they are correct before submitting to EA:

  • Your English IELTS certificate must be at the correct level.
  • Your work experience documents must cover Engineering duties, the length of employment and your salary, following EA requirements.
  • Your qualification certificates and transcripts must be correctly presented, and translated if necessary.
  • Your EA cover sheets must be complete with your personal information.

Mary Heath
Registered Migration Agent 0005790
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Perth, Australia
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