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Business books

I've put these out-of-print business books on-line:

How to collect business debts. Published in Australia in 1990. It's the lowdown on what debt-collection methods there are, how well they work and how to choose which to use. A lot of the material comes from behind the scenes: straight from lawyers, court officials, private investigators, and debt collectors -- talking informally and bluntly. Much of the information will work anywhere. Some of it would have worked well enough in Babylon and Thebes.

How electronic encryption works. A survey on secure email and private electronic data. In plain English. No mathematics

Other books and articles

Here's a copy of the first little book I wrote. It was launched on TV by the Premier of Western Australia and was a best-seller: The fly in your eye. It's about the dominant life form on the continent: the bush fly. That's how it sometimes seems. And how the dung beetles are fighting back.

Your Dog is Watching You.  Free copy of a book that sums up all the tricks and methods you can use to get your dog under better control. It uses everything known about dog psychology and comes straight from one of the world's top dog-trainers and dog psychologists.

I've also written a few articles about Perth:

Here are two items about writing itself:

A book written for someone else:

  • I have written non-fiction books for other people. One of these is now on-line: Dead Fish and Fat Cats. How Canada lost most of its fishing industry.

-- Jim Heath

  May 2016

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