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Business Assessment Form

(For business owners)

Mary Heath
Viacorp Hello Australia

Basic questions about you and your family

Family name of business principal (primary applicant):

Given names:

Postal address in full:

Home phone number:

Work phone number:

Email address:

Date of birth:

Male Female

Nationality of passport:

Marital status. Are you married or in a permanent defacto relationship?

Family members migrating with you:

1. Partner:

2. Children:

3. Other family members in your household:

Business questions

The Australian government offers a range of Business Skills Visas. Provisional visas are for those with lower assets, who are granted a four-year temporary visa to come to Australia in order to set up their business. When the new business is running successfully, these people can apply in Australia for a permanent visa. People with higher business assets and a larger enterprise can still apply for a permanent visa at first application.

All these questions are for the primary applicant - the person who runs the current business and who wants to start a new business in Australia.

1) Please give a brief description of your present business, who your main clients are, and where you advertise.

2) How many years have you operated your business?

3) Is this the only business you operate?

4) What was the turnover or gross revenue of your business for 2010:

5) What was the net profit for 2010?

6) How many staff members do you employ directly in your business?
Please include family members who you pay for services:

7) Are you considering buying into an existing business in Australia? Yes No

8) Where do you intend to start the business? What area and State?

9) When do you plan to move to Australia?

10) Will you and your family be living here for at least 3/4 of the year? Yes No

English language and other languages

11) Have you taken the IELTS test? Yes No

If YES, please give your scores:

** Reading

** Writing

** Speaking

** Listening

** Overall score

** Date of latest test

12) Can you speak another language fluently? Yes No

If YES, please list the language.

13) Do the other adult members (over 18 years old) travelling with you speak fluent English? Yes No

Please list any who do not have good English:

Health and police

14) Are all members of your family travelling with you in good health? Yes No

If NO, please give details:

15) Does any family member have a criminal record? Yes No

If YES, please give details:

Online Form: Fill out the form above and then press SEND, or

Post: Print out the form and post it to us at:

Viacorp Hello Australia
Suite 7, Mint House
326 Hay Street
Perth 6000
Western Australia

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Mary Heath
Migration Agent

Mary Heath, Registered Migration Agent 0005790

If you decide to make a visa application for travel to Australia, we can help you comply with visa law by advising on your visa choice, sponsorships, Australian Consulates overseas, birth certificates and passports. We mail out your application forms with full instructions. Our business is to help you come to Australia!