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You may have arrived at the Viacorp site from a search engine, found what you wanted, then wondered what the rest of the site is about. Not too obvious, if you came in from an angle. Quick answer: I'm a non-fiction writer and researcher, and I've archived some articles and books here for anyone to look at. The topics vary all over the place. But if one part of the site helped you or entertained you, or both -- there may be other things you'd like.

The home page. Includes 28 stories about projects we've done -- including A park for lazy crocodiles and Thou shalt not (an unusual legal contract). A few of the stories may make you slap your forehead.

Free books and articles

Much older articles, written as PR for a consultancy

  • What happened when Jim Heath put up a windmill on a 40-foot tower next to his house on the Isle of Man. The windmill experience.
  • Street lights that once worked on sewer gas, pig manure that powered a farm's lights, and far-seeing proposals for the gas that nature puffs out free of charge. How about bio-gas?
  • A water wheel big enough for a Walt Disney fantasy prompts open-minded citizens and Manx politicians to consider down-to-earth plans for their electricity supply. Water power

Your dog is watching you. Jim Heath finds out about dog psychology.

How to roll up your sleeves so that they don't come down

A no-droop sleeve rolling method.

Laughs from classics

Tolstoy describing opera as if it had just been invented, the Mark Twain character who was sure he could remember Hamlet's soliloquy, Dr Johnson's dejected introduction to the world's first English Dictionary....

Links and guest offerings

Science made easy
Analysis of nightmares
Haiku about cars
Heath Engineering Ltd
Competing undertakers
Compound interest